Advertising with Crafter's Corner

There are a few different ways to advertise your site here on Crafter's Corner. Here are your options:

Weekly Promotions Page Ad- Free

Every week I will be posting your weekly promotions for FREE! I will notify you when your ad has been placed.

Please send me your promotion in this format:
Your Shop Name
Web Site Link
Your Promotion/ Sale

(Please don't add my text, just yours.) That way I can just copy and paste. So it will look like this:

Simply Sophia
Fall River, MA
Unique, Handmade Items for the Baby or Little Girl in Your Life

Weekly Promotions Form

Home Page Picture- $3

You can have one item of your choice placed in the Etsy Mini at the top of the homepage. This will run for a week. You must send me an email after purchase with the link to the item you want to be featured.

I will be posting pictures on a first come, first serve basis. Right now, everything is available, but there may be up to a 3 week wait in the future. I will notify you when your item is posted.

To purchase a Home Page Picture please click the button below:

Weekly Featured Artist- $10

New to Crafter's Corner Myspace page is a weekly Featured Artist.

With one week as the Featured Artist you will get:
-A Daily Bulletin featuring your products!
-A photo album featuring your products
-An interview posted in my blog about you, your products and where we can buy your items.
-An Etsy mini featured at the top of the myspace page.
-Your pictures will be my default image, and will be randomly changed throughout the week.
-Your Myspace page will be my number one friend.

All this for only $10!!!

To sign up for the featured seller, pick your dates in the drop down menu and hit "Buy Now".

Weeks Available