Crafter's Good Deeds #2

The second article of "Crafter's Good Deeds" is here! This month's featured crafter is Dawn Lewis.

As soon as I heard what Dawn does, I knew that she had to be the subject for the next article. Dawn provides memory albums for the Southern Cross Kids Camps. These camps are run in Australia and New Zealand during school holidays for abused and at-risk kids.

Dawn was introduced to the concept of creating pages for these kids earlier this year by a member of her Australian Scrapbooking Swap Yahoo! group. That member needed 1,500 layouts! Dawn got together with her ladies and created what they could for these children. Between them and other groups they successfully ended up with 6,800 layouts.

In November, Dawn was contacted by that woman again and informed her that she had been asked to provide memory albums for 9 camps. That is 7 more camps than they had provided layouts for the first time. This time they need 6,300 layouts. As of right now, Dawn and her groups have created several hundred layouts. Dawn has  also enlisted the help of her local scrapbooking store who has collected close to 500 layouts so far, as well as other supplies that can be used to create pages.

Dawn will be running crop nights at Erina Scrapbook Store
in 2009 and encouraging people to come along and make pages for the kids, and have fun doing it. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter to find out when the crops will be on.

Dawn's personal goal is to make 130 layouts. For anyone who scrapbooks, you know how much time and effort it takes to make one page, never mind 130!
Dawn  talks about her project:
"This is the perfect charity for any scrapbooker to support, as we all have more supplies than we could ever use and creating pages for these kids helps ease the guilt of having that large stash."

If you would like to help out or donate supplies please visit Dawn's BLOG:  there is a  SCKC button on the right. Clicking that button will take you to all the information you will need.

Crafter's Good Deeds

I am very happy to share with you the good deeds of  Kristina who is the creator of  Kochanie "My Love" Baskets.

Kristina got the idea of creating these baskets  in October of 2008 while her grandmother was in the hospital. After her grandmother passed away, she started making them as a way to comfort those who have lost loved ones. Kristina’s dear grandmother used to call her “Kochanie” while she was a child which means “my love” in Polish. Kristina has dedicated these Kochanie "My Love" Baskets to the loving memory of her grandmother.

The first set of 20 baskets were sent to The Hospice of the East Bay. They included combinations of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, biscotti, candles, bears, angels, hankies, travel tissue holders, travel size tissue, sympathy cards, journals, sketchbooks, crayons, photo albums and stationary with pens.

Kristina plans on sending 40 more baskets to the Hope Hospice and George Mark Children's House in January 2009.

If you would like to donate an item (either handmade or store bought) or send a donation please send an email to Any donation is welcomed by anyone as every little bit helps.

Also, if anyone knows of and/or works for a hospice that is interested in receiving these baskets, to please contact Kristina. The hospice can be anywhere in the United States.

Please visit Kristina’s blog at to read more about the baskets and what you can do to help.

Good Luck Kristina!

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